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How can we help you?

جديد من أوليكس أضغط هنا

What are prohibited ads on OLX?

We are at OLX try to keep the selling and buying experience smooth and safe for both parties.


That's why we are banning some items, words, and jobs to be available on our platform.

  • All the items that are not allowed to be bought or sold by the law are not allowed on our website as well.
  • All the Items that could lead to direct or indirect harm are not allowed.
  • All the Items without legit ownership papers (if required) are not allowed.
  • All the Jobs or services that promote or includes illegal job description or indecency are not allowed.
  • All the words that are inappropriate or indecent.

As an Example and not limited to:

Self-defense devises Weapons
Fireworks Visas
Medications and supplements Shrinking or enlarging body parts devices
Sale or Purchase Database of customers Body parts
Metal detector Any motorcycle without ownership papers
Any device can open the encrypted channels All bad words or Indecency
Anything made of ivory or fur Magic books
Official documents